Apart from the normal complaints of aging, I rather enjoy adding numbers to my age. Today I add another. It’s a day to look back and look ahead.

Not long ago I read THIS POST by a woman named Diana. She wrote it on (or near) her 68th birthday. Nearly every word shouted my own perspective on this time in my life. After reviewing each decade of her life, she writes: “Who do I want to be going forward?” and then confidently lists the “I wants” for her future. I resinate with each one…all the way to the last one: “I want to live until I leave.”

Here goes! Wish me luck.

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1 Response to 68

  1. Lisa Everly says:

    This month is a benchmark of ten years between us…….oh, I feel so much further behind! I am so thankful that I have been gifted your friendship! I won’t embarrass you by calling you my role model to your face, but know that you hold that sole distinction in my heart. Thank you for being there to pass on wisdom, understanding, and love, …….a little bit of heaven-sent support has come my way! I’ll never catch up to you in the wisdom aspect, but I make up for it in enthusiasm! And I am enthusiastically grateful for you! Happy Birthday again, my friend! I am with you through the decades! You are dear. You are a gift. You ARE living it! Keep up the good work!

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