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lakeside picnic

If you haven’t enjoyed a family picnic by a quiet lake lately, come join ours. You might have to fight me for a lap baby, but you’re welcome to grab a rod and reel to see what you can pull … Continue reading

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bye bye

After serving 17 years on the Board of Communication for Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends, I’m saying bye bye. I’ve made friends with a lot of Quakers in my longer-than-normal run. Thankfully, they’ll still be my friends (I hope) when … Continue reading

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A while back a box showed up in Quinn’s mail. She didn’t recognize the name on the return address. This is what she found inside the box. And a handwritten note from a stranger named Judi. Quinn, in this box … Continue reading

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celebrate good times, come on!

There was no convincing Quinn that I didn’t need any special treatment just because I happened to be at their house on July 8. No, I was to get the royal treatment like everyone else in the family. That means … Continue reading

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Apart from the normal complaints of aging, I rather enjoy adding numbers to my age. Today I add another. It’s a day to look back and look ahead. Not long ago I read THIS POST by a woman named Diana. … Continue reading

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Shared genetics might dictate similar physical features in siblings, but there is no end to the creativity God used in designing personalities in siblings. If you raised siblings or have one, you could no doubt tell many stories about the … Continue reading

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artsy fartsy

Yesterday my friend Jan celebrated her __th birthday, so her daughter, Talle, threw a “Ladies Night Out” party at Blue Plume Studio. “Teacher Jen” has a fully equipped studio in her garage. And she walked us through a very fun … Continue reading

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