Have you heard about the Paleo diet? It’s sometimes referred to as the “caveman” diet, because what’s acceptable to eat is determined by what (we think) the caveman ate. So, presuming there were at least a few cavewomen back in prehistoric society, we considered signing on. Of course there is nothing to sign, only a dedication to eating simply: meat/eggs, fruit/nuts, vegetables, and certain oils/certain sweeteners. It won’t take you long to realize this list totally bypasses grains and dairy and anything even remotely processed.

Today we started our third week eating Paleo.

Paleo dinner

Here’s a sampling of what a meal looks like to us. There’s no suffering around here.

Paleo breakfast

And here’s what I ate for breakfast this morning.

So beside the fact we eat really good food, we have lost weight (without calculating or logging anything). Eating out has lessened, so we save $$. And for me, without downing inflammatory foods (dairy/gluten), my arthritic fingers stopped throbbing. Oh, and that hush-hush advantage of digestive health. But the jury is still out on whether or not it improves my mental acuity.

I do know one thing. A diet that allows me to eat bacon can’t be all bad.

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