memorial park

2013-05-30 07.51.02

I stood near our driveway to take this picture on my way to work this morning. Eight a.m. seems like a strange time for a group of adults to gather at the neighborhood park. I didn’t have to wonder about it, though, because I’d seen a notice in the Graphic that the dedication of our new and improved park would take place at 7 a.m. on May 30.


This isn’t just any ordinary park. The Macy kids played there and remember especially the stagecoach. Improvements have happened to the equipment since their childhood years, but the stagecoach and horses stayed put.


When our grandkids come to visit, they make regular visits to Memorial Park.



memorial park

Then one day I looked down the street to discover this… and felt pangs of sadness for the missing “memorial” stagecoach and horses.

2013-04-16 11.46.57

Blink Blink and it looked like this!

2013-05-24 17.14.05

And then, lo and behold, we have a brand new park with cushy “carpet” for soft landings from elaborate playground equipment, complete with playing children! And the replacement for the stagecoach. What would you call it?

2013-05-24 17.16.44

2013-05-24 17.17.50

Rotarians and many other contributors, our grandkids thank you. (*Two of the local grands were there today!)

For fun, here’s the before/after.

2709808337_0edf5272cd2013-05-24 17.14.05


*Mauri witnessed this event and snapped these few pictures.




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2 Responses to memorial park

  1. Ridge says:

    Hmmm, improvement? Wish they’d kept the stagecoach! Fancy, schmancy!

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