new lease on life

You’ve journeyed through the past months with us “bionics” as we got new knees and a new back. On Tuesday we cheered (silently) as we joined the team in walking to town for lunch together, where for years now we have had to drive and meet them. We have a new appreciation for how it feels to be pain free (Mauri hasn’t reached that point yet, but is close).

Thankfully we’re well insured, because my surgery alone cost $83,000! I’ve probably paid that much in insurance premiums through the years, but it was all for such a time as this. Out of curiosity I asked for an itemized bill.

2013-05-16 11.39.26

It took four pages to fit in every little thing, but as you can see, not every little thing was little.


When I get up to walk away from my computer, I will be supported by $28,000 worth of hardware, and that’s just six screws and a couple of spacers. Some day scientists will come up with an easier, cheaper way to fix backs like mine. But I don’t live in some day, I live now. And I know how to be grateful for that!

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4 Responses to new lease on life

  1. Craig MacDonald says:

    Wednesday we met with the surgeon who will do Pam’s knee replacement. He said in two or three years it will be an outpatient procedure. She’ll be in for two days. I’m sure thankful for medicine’s advancements, for the Macys and the MacDonalds!

  2. Praising God that all went well and you are healing well. Very interesting how $ those little screws were. Just thankful for the insurance that covered the costs.
    Love, Aneta

  3. Ridge says:

    WOW, this is impressive and much more detailed than my back surgery! I’m so happy for you both, it’s been a long, long haul and you’ve both handled it with amazing grace! Enjoy your new mobility! xxoo Ridge

  4. John and Candace says:

    Flowers are not the only things blooming on South School Street these days!

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