high and low

Last evening I flew from east to west, coast to coast, arriving only two hours late, thanks to a huge thunder/lightning storm in Washington, DC. No big deal; I can catch up on my sleep this weekend. Beth’s parents and family entertained and fed Ben and me like we were, you know, special.

2013-05-05 18.59.37_Snapseed

Of course when you have adorable twin daughters/granddaughters, they become the main attraction and you don’t need to plan any further entertainment.

2013-05-02 17.58.20

This is their mama, Tara, Beth’s older sister (by 14 months, not minutes, as you might have guessed). Sadly, I neglected to snap a picture of their daddy, Juan, when I had the chance.

2013-05-02 18.07.50

Tia Beth and OT (nick for Uncle Taylor) are “into” Crossfit (Beth more than T), so they thought the babies needs some equipment of their own.

2013-05-02 18.14.41

“My aunt can backsquat more than your aunt.”


Happy in “Moose’s” care. (His real name is Tim.)


Definitely a highlight—getting acquainted with these fine folk.

2013-05-07 14.04.02

The “lowlight” was how sick Taylor got while I was there. (He’s acting in this picture.) I’m not prone to worry, as I often say, but when no test or culture could identify his mysterious illness, even I was concerned. He and Beth had to postpone their return to Iraq. But as of today, his improvement is steady. PTL!

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