mothers day tea and more

I was told to dress “up” because we might end up at our evening plans without returning home. “Home” isn’t Oregon, by the way; I’m in Herndon, Virginia, at the home of Tim and Trish Ambrose, son Taylor’s future in-laws. Son Ben is here too, and of course T and Beth, so I’m in my own form of heaven. I’ll be here a week and get to join in some of the wedding planning.

Trish was asked to dress up too. So off we went…somewhere, ending up at a hoity toity mall.

2013-05-03 13.01.30

Why is it guys can be dressed “up” in jeans. There’s some inequity in this reality.

Just as we walked in the Ritz-Carlton, T smiled and said Trish and I were being treated to an early Mothers Day tea. How cool is that? (BTW, the sons each had a steak.)

2013-05-03 13.59.36

(I agree, she’s beautiful.)


Happy Mothers Day to us!




Trish snapped some fun pics so of course I want to include them.

2013-05-03 16.26.51

A little wedding work on the way to our next stop.


Which was “The W.” Can you pick out The White House in the background?


Here’s a closer view.


A little closer. Focusing in on the roof.


Twenty-four hour rooftop surveillance.

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