Mauri took this picture of me earlier this evening with a cell-phone app called “Paper Camera.” He titled it conundrum, his interpretation of my appearance. “Conundrum: Noun. A confusing and difficult problem or question.”

I have to admit what I really want when something unexplainable happens, usually on my computer, is for someone else to figure it out. To fix it. But I’m just stubborn enough to try every angle or remedy I can think of to fix it myself before asking Mauri or Gregg or Eric or Steve for help. At least when I do ask for help I can list all the steps I tried. And you know what? I usually learn something in the process that helps me solve the next problem that comes along.

By the time Mauri took that picture, I had already spent 39 minutes on one Adobe Live Chat with Victor and Shewetha and another 34:59-minute Chat with expert Pradeep Kumar. These are typed “chats,” not phone chats. They’re cool because when the chat ended, I could e-mail it to myself and have access to all the links. In all that time, though, they couldn’t figure out how to fix my Acrobat X Professional’s launch problem. As in…it wouldn’t. Not much use to me if it won’t launch. Mauri caught my expression after I had completed all the repair steps and now, worse, my computer wouldn’t even reinstall the software.


But no worries, I persevered. Rebooted and tried again. And then success! Whew. I’ll be able to make a PDF of tomorrow’s newsletter and will live to smile at the camera another day.


And since you’re here, I’ll share a series of two that I like quite a bit:


Sage was just a tiny tot.

Photo on 2013-04-19 at 11.07

Now her hair is longer and my hair is shorter. Check out the similarity in her facial expression. She’s looking at her image on my computer monitor.

See, for all the trouble this gadget gives me, I sure have a lot of fun with it.

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  1. Myrna says:

    Love your post. I call it plundering, Sherry….it’s how I’ve learned most of what I know about software, computer and online issues. (I hate to read the directions! ha)

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