tiny home

I had some fun today.

2013-04-20 15.38.06

The kids at the Saturday Market in McMinnville raced to the finish line carrying an egg in a spoon.

2013-04-20 15.38.50

I’m not sure I’ll ever see a finish line again without remembering the events of this week in Boston. I’m probably not alone in this.

2013-04-20 15.42.02

And if you were to ask me now if I’ve ever seen a race between hand-pushed, hand-built portable chicken coops,

2013-04-20 15.43.25

I can answer yes.

As fun as it was to cheer on these races, the real draw to the Saturday Market was niece and nephew Andra and Derin Williams and company, who were building a “Tiny Home” as a workshop for their new company, ShelterWise.


I wasn’t the only family member to show up.


Brother Daryl (Derin’s dad) came down with his tool belt to help with the workshop. Here he is with Mom Edna and her friend Carroll.

2013-04-20 15.39.16

This shows their progress when I arrived around 3 p.m.

2013-04-20 15.35.42

They were just cutting the door, so we could now see inside.

2013-04-20 15.40.28

“Tiny” seems like a good descriptor.

2013-04-20 15.37.20-2

I was curious how a person or people could live in such a small space for longer than a vacation.

2013-04-20 15.37.16

So I took some pictures of the floor plan. Now we both know.

2013-04-20 15.37.12


This might interest you.

Gar Mickelson facebook

This week on Facebook a friend posted interest in Tiny Homes for the sake of those who are homeless.


And of course I have interest because of the houses we (and many others) build in the colonias near Juarez.

2013-04-20 15.36.50

So here’s a little plug for ShelterWise.


When I got home and looked at Facebook, I saw that son John had posted this pic. (John, I hope it’s OK to share your pic.)

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