windows in the routine

We’re in a routine now. We’ve got this recovery thing down. That makes small windows in the routine refreshing. Yesterday held several windows, the first being a visit from bethL. Then the doorbell rang…it was a box!


Intrigue. The lid encouraged us to “PLEASE REFRIGERATE ASAP! This box contains perishable food. It would be a crying shame if it went bad.”


Not gonna let 1,300 miles prevent them from providing a meal for their housebound parents. With a little help from the Internet and UPS.


Chicago-style deep-dish pizza! Only an hour earlier Mauri was thinking pizza sounded pretty good.


Wait a minute. Did this come all the way from Chicago frozen solid? Dry ice is cool stuff…but don’t you dare touch it!


Here’s the perfect place to keep it until it’s ready for the oven, right here with my super duper ice-making system (for Mauri’s knee-icing machine). Yes, those are cups of frozen water that go right in the cooler.


Another window in the routine included our friend Lisa and her dog Little Ann, Darcy’s mama. Lisa brought split-pea soup for our lunch, then took Darcy for a play date.

2013-04-09 14.34.42_Snapseed

His first outing since the ride home from the hospital, the first of 12 PT appointments. That’s Bud.


Finally time to bake the pizza. 40 minutes at 425 was all it took.


Almost too lovely to eat.




Thanks, Andersons. The fun factor was almost greater than the taste factor. Almost.

But wait. The routine had one more window.

2013-04-09 20.20.36_Snapseed

Brother Howard came by with his new RainSong guitar, and the two entertained me with their impromptu jam session. If you listen carefully to the picture, you will hear Howard singing “When You’re Smiling.”

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8 Responses to windows in the routine

  1. Myrna says:

    Loved reading/seeing the “windows” you posted, Sherry. How wonderful your kids had the pizza shipped to you! By the way, I knew immediately what those frozen cups of ice in the freezer were for! ha I can fully understand that you have the recovery “thing” down to a science. We have a bunch of small water bottles that we’ve gotten from hotel rooms, so Phil filled them, placed them in the freezer where they stayed frozen. When it came time to fix me up with my IceMan, he put the frozen bottles of water in the unit, added the few needed ice cubes, and water. When those became “unfrozen,” he just replaced them with more frozen bottles of water.

    I’m headed to see my surgeon today for the 6-month follow-up. Time since surgery has gone fast, yet slowly….go figure.

    All the best to Mauri as he continues on this journey!

  2. Mary Austin says:

    What a blessing to have such special friends to join you in uplifting ways through your recovery. Hoping you will be up and about and on the mend soon. May God bless you all.

  3. Penny Koffler says:

    Your day makes my heart smile. God is sooooo good….. Love you folks

  4. LizW says:

    Looks like a really fun day! I’m glad you two are keeping busy and having fun 🙂

  5. Pam MacDonald says:

    Oooooh….does all knee replacement surgery come with a package like that??? I’m going to talk to my ortho dr. and suggest that it would be a great patient satisfier!

  6. Janet Strokosch says:

    My brother, Paul, sent me Edwardo’s stuffed spinach pizza from Chicago to GR for my birthday a few years ago. One of the best gifts I ever received, and I happened to be home when it arrived. I think Chicago pizza makes everything better! Hugs for you and Mauri! OXOX

  7. Mauri looks fantastic and you always have great postings! So glad that as usual those Andersons are always on top of keeping you all smiling! Praying as God continues to heal this knee!

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