When you’re in the hospital after a surgeon has traded your worn-out knee remnants for a lovely new artificial knee, you get visitors.

2013-04-03 16.34.04

This smiling visitor showed up yesterday at the exact time she meets with Mauri every Wednesday to talk about worship ministries at NFC. We call her bethL (as in Beth El) but her real name is Bethany. We like her a lot.

Today, a surprise visitor came knocking at our door.

2013-04-04 10.02.27_Snapseed

Her name’s Darlin’. She’s a labradoodle, a therapy dog with Pet Partners. Would Mauri like a visit?

2013-04-04 10.03.18

Turns out Darlin’ had an entourage from Newberg Graphic, our local newspaper. I’m sure they photographed others on the floor, but of course they will pick Mauri for the published story. I would; wouldn’t you?

Seems like we were just doing this knee thing, doesn’t it? And here we are again, but this time released from the hospital a mere 48 hours after surgery. I was kind of enjoying letting the hospital cafeteria cook three meals a day for me, but it’s really good to have him home. I know how to cook, even though I don’t do it very often.

Last time he looked like this:


Ice machine, CPM machine (continuous passive motion)…my side of the bed because the CPM needs to be on the inside.

This time, on his first day home from the hospital, he looks like this:

2013-04-04 18.04.42_Snapseed

Ice machine, CPM machine, on his own side of our (wonderful, brand-new) bed. Well, look there, more visitors, stopping by to check on Pop/Gum.

After eating a tray full of leftover food in the cookin’ room, look what he did!

2013-04-04 19.14.56

He walkered himself across the room to his espresso machine and pulled a delicious Americano.

I just smiled and wished his surgeon and Brad (hospital PT extraordinaire) could see him.

All this bragging about his progress! But I wouldn’t want anyone to think recovery from this kind of surgery is anything but real hard work and a considerable amount of pain. And be assured it’s hard work for the caregiver as well. No complaints from me, though. After all, I got a “new back” between his surgeries, so this one, on the scale, will be much easier.

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4 Responses to visitors

  1. Penny Koffler says:

    Dear Mauri and Sherry: I do so appreciate hearing about your adventures in life! I also love to hear you singing together and thank you for sharing the music which streams from your hearts and souls. God bless you both with healing and renewed strenth which can only come from the Lord Jesus Christ…..I love you both;
    Penny and Digger the wonderdog!

  2. Rachel says:

    Pop, you’re looking good–no, great! Thanks for the updates. Wish we were closer so that we could stop by and check in on you in person. Anyway, lots of love from way over here.

  3. LizW says:

    YAY!!! Thrilled that Mauri is doing so well so soon. Praying for a quick and not-too-painful recovery.

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