a short but full weekend in arizona

Normally I wouldn’t complain here about a delayed flight, though I’ve had my share. But this one cost me more than the $20 I spent

2013-03-21 15.57.29

on educational reading material to pass the time. The four-hour delay changed the Andersons’ plan for my airport pick up, which was for Dusty to hang around the airport for the two hours between his flight’s arrival and mine so that we could share his planned transportation home.


No kidding! He has discovered it is cheaper to hire a limo than a taxi. I can’t blame him for not adding an additional four hours to the two he was already willing to wait. So I’ll let my imagination enjoy what might have been.

This short visit to Phoenix had been planned long before the prospect of back surgery entered the conversation. So I felt grateful my recovery went well enough for me to see it through, because a Beth Moore Living Proof Live event was at stake. Quinn and I tried to name all the LPLs we’ve attended together and came up with Salt Lake City, Grand Rapids, Colorado Springs, Seattle, and Denver—each one unique in Beth’s topic, each one similar in worship singing (which we like).


The arena seats 5,000 and that’s how many tickets were sold. The woman behind us in line to enter said when she bought her ticket she pictured a group of around 200. Beth Moore is the real deal, authentic and trustworthy; her teaching well researched and well delivered. This time she focused on the word marked and Galatians 6:17, where the apostle Paul writes, “From now on, let no one cause me trouble, for I bear on my body the marks of Jesus.”

2013-03-22 20.23.11

We’re all scarred (indicating a healed wound), though not all scars show.

2013-03-23 09.01.13

At the beginning of the second session (Saturday morning), she finds her way into a section of the audience to chat with several participants.


Right after I took this picture she interviewed a woman nearby who pointed out the deep and visible scars on her arms. Beth asked her to tell the story. This youngish woman said that at age six she was attacked by a rottweiler, and they feared she would lose her arm. During the healing process someone suggested she start taking violin lessons to strengthen both arms. She shortened her story by telling us she now plays with the Phoenix Symphony. What a redemptive story!


Of course part of the joy for us is choosing the very top row of the venue. We actually go early to ensure good seat selection, though we don’t usually have to fight anyone for them. Look who joined us! Friends Heather Herr and her mom, Helen Vos. My second time in just a few months to see them.

2013-03-23 08.26.49

On returning for the Saturday session, we arrived too late for our favorite seats but whoa—right above the concrete we leaned against last night was a suite, unclaimed until seconds after we sat ourselves down there.

2013-03-23 08.29.21

I don’t expect you to be terribly interested in where we sat. But this blog is my memory so I need to include it.

Moving on…

2013-03-22 13.37.47

Always highlights to my visits to Arizona: Marissa, Bailey, Cassidy. (Chick-fil-a too!)


They rarely complain about my need for a posed picture. OK, they never complain.


I had to show off the blue sky.


One of these days we’ll let Duffy sit in with the family portrait.

No limo ride to the airport tonight, but Bailey will chauffeur Dusty and me in style. Back to work tomorrow!

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1 Response to a short but full weekend in arizona

  1. It sounds like you had a fantastic time and enjoyed every minute. What a wonderful family photo. They have grown up so much and as usual look fantastic. Praying that you will all have a wonderful Easter Sunday!

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