poor planning

This morning we had reason to remember back a number of years…around 19…to the day we went to have hearts tattooed on our ring fingers as an expression of our commitment to love and to cherish, et al. You’ve heard or said those promises. It was a good idea and we’ve never regretted it. However, we regretted not thinking through our plan, which was to then head over to a specialty jewelry store to try on and purchase wedding bands that would eventually cover the tattoos. We hadn’t factored in the blood and the bandage.


I guess we could chalk that up to inexperience.

It came up this morning as we headed out to try out mattresses. Maybe someone who’s recently had back surgery shouldn’t make a plan to test the softness/firmness of a Mattress-World-sized collection of options. I’m still not proficient at the standing-to-prone or the prone-to-standing action.


We persevered and chose this beauty in a California king.

The longer we considered it, the more add-ons we were offered.


No sticker shock, since we’d done our research. And it’s supposed to last 25 years. That’ll put us into our 90s.


We’ll try not to think about this.

So off we went to our next poorly planned adventure. Appointments with an optometrist to have our eyes dilated on what is probably the sunniest day of the year.

We managed to find our way home after that.

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5 Responses to poor planning

  1. Carol Bullis says:

    Dear Mauri and Sherry,

    We can relate. We bought a new king mattress about six weeks ago and neither of us is healthy in the back department. It was pricey, but unfortunately it still doesn’t feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud. Guess we’ll put the foam topper on top of our pillow topper!

  2. Pam MacDonald says:

    I’ve always loved your idea to tattoo hearts on your ring fingers! So special. Love you guys!

  3. Jonathan Maurer says:

    I remember hearing you tell the story about the tattoos. Something about a little Asian lady saying, “You must understand – 50 dollah put it on; 500 dollah take it off.” Makes me smile. 🙂

  4. Rachel says:

    You guys are funny. (And I love you!)

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