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he is risen!

Our family doesn’t have Easter traditions past what happens on Sunday morning. Back in the day, Mauri’s kids colored eggs and did the hunt thing. My kids colored eggs too, and when they were little I would make them new … Continue reading

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a short but full weekend in arizona

Normally I wouldn’t complain here about a delayed flight, though I’ve had my share. But this one cost me more than the $20 I spent on educational reading material to pass the time. The four-hour delay changed the Andersons’ plan … Continue reading

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poor planning

This morning we had reason to remember back a number of years…around 19…to the day we went to have hearts tattooed on our ring fingers as an expression of our commitment to love and to cherish, et al. You’ve heard … Continue reading

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bracing myself

I chuckled to myself this morning as I stood in my closet, choosing what I would wear to my three-week followup appointment with the surgeon. As though it mattered—when the brace I’m required to wear will be my main fashion … Continue reading

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