In the weeks before baby Brynn was due I asked Erin if there was something specific that I could make or get. She had seen a couple of doll carriers on Pinterest that looked to be something Sage might use with her “baby” as she transitioned into being a big sister. No assignment could be more energizing to this Gus!


I walked to a nearby thrift store and found a golf skirt made of interesting fabric/color (half-price) and a bed sheet to match.


I was going for something like this.


Since the skirt had a fancy waistband, I decided to use it. It curved the wrong way though, so I had to take quite a bit of it apart before attaching it to the bottom on the doll “ergo.” I was guessing at size; Sage isn’t as big as the little model in my “pattern.”


I just used shoelaces and buckle pieces I had on hand, trying to make putting on / taking off quick and easy for Erin and John.

On a lunch hour I delivered the project to give Sage time to get to know the carrier. She likes things her grandmas make for her, but we put no value on how she might take to it. Her parents encouraged her to try it, John demonstrating the real Ergo with stuffed monkey Marvin. She wasn’t ready. Thankfully, we were all content with that.


This picture arrived on my phone today. “First baby wearing. Her idea.”

My heart melted into a puddle at my feet.

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  1. Marcile says:

    O Sherry!~ You amaze me in many ways.

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