that’s why i’m here, momma

“That’s why I’m here, Momma” she reminded me every time I apologized for waking her in the middle of the night.

From my pre-surgery research into how quickly I might bounce back, I had very different expectations about where I might be in the recovery process by Day One. (Surgery is Day Zero.) I felt proud of standing up, period, when I had pictured myself walking the halls. Hmmm. The surgery went 1.5 hours longer than predicted because of scarring and inflammation. Maybe that was it. But hearing from the doctor that what they did to me was actually one of their “biggest” procedures came as encouragement to my wondering ears. When was the last time you heard an occupational therapist say: “That was the best log roll I’ve ever seen!” and didn’t feel pride in your accomplishment?

I know! Right?

All these words should let you know that my surgery went well, and I got to come home yesterday. I’ll try not to “TMI” you this time and let you fill in my gratitude for the prayer you offered on comments and on Facebook. I do have a few pictures that will see how well I’m doing.


My two angels. Go ahead a laugh, but there’s no other way to see them through my eyes. The one on the right went home today. I’ve been mostly keeping my act together. (You might know I love her dearly.) Did you know (I didn’t so I don’t expect you to) that her father-in-law flew down to Arizona from Washington to stay with her kids so she could fly up here to take care of me? There’s just no way to repay that kind of kindness, so I’ll just receive it as the gift it is.


I had a couple of visitors, these being the ones “allowed” past the guard. What a perk of Quinn’s timing to get to meet her new baby niece, Brynn.


Well, I’m tuckered. Thanks for checking in with me.

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6 Responses to that’s why i’m here, momma

  1. Gloria Van Andel says:

    Sherry, it was so good hearing from you. My prayer is for continued healing and strength. Blessings, friend.

  2. Jo Helsabeck says:

    Even from your sickbed you delightfully bless us! You are amazing, you know, dear Sherry.
    I’m so thankful the medical folks found the problem and have addressed it. I pray for healing that lets you move pain free. You are in my prayers.

  3. Leane says:

    Glad you are coming along, Sherry. Rest and rest some more. Love from Leane

  4. Ridgely says:

    Hey dear heart, Your surgery sounds much more “invasive” than mine was. I’m so glad you had so much help, makes all the difference. A week after my surgery we had to move out of one rental and into another….yeah, not my fav!

  5. Lisa Everly says:

    There’s really no substitute for family is there? We’re proud of you and are praying for speedy healing and recovery of body….. (I think your mind, and spirit, are pretty healthy already)! Love ya, Lisa

  6. Hey, so glad Quinn was able to be with you. Sad that she had to head home but then raising a family and working is a challenge. I’m trusting that you are following the doctors orders and not trying to over due or rush your recovery.

    Praying for daily strength and a rapid recovery. We all know you are a very busy lady who is constantly on the go.
    Love you!

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