winter? what’s that?

Yesterday I drove to Salem (half-hour south) to attend Salem Alliance Church with my friend Deborah. For some reason, I took a picture through the windshield.


I guess the reason was the fog.

On the way home, several hours later, I took this picture of myself.

2013-01-20 14.15.22_Snapseed

And I guess what I want you to notice is the sun shining so brightly that sunglasses were required.

Oregon has its drawbacks (ask me about them), but the weather is not one of them. Yes, I hear complaints about Oregon weather from folks who don’t have my experience with winter. My experience with winter came back in plain view today when a Facebook friend from Michigan posted this picture, taken through her windshield today.

snow in Michigan

Look carefully and you will see the SUV that she said was two car lengths ahead of her.

I suppose I could complain about the hardship of reaching for sunglasses.

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