I enjoyed my December photo project, but way too many pictures crossed my path that I wanted to post but couldn’t. So I dropped them in a file, and now that the holiday dust has settled, I feel like dragging them out and sharing them. Lucky you!

Feller House Christmas

It was fun to see this posted on the Feller House Facebook page. Fun because it shows how cool that piece from my parents’ wedding dining room looks in their entryway. Oh, and speaking of my parents’ wedding…they were married on Christmas Day in 1937, 75 years ago. It was fun to do the numbers and discover that notable anniversary.


John Macy took this of Quinn at the food outreach down in the colonias at Thanksgiving. I didn’t have access to his pictures when I published the story, but if you want to see more of his pictures, Erin did this lovely post about our third Juarez adventure.

Sage kissing Duffy2012

What could be cuter than our sweet Sage giving Duffy a kiss? (also John’s photography)

shoe tying

I was completely engrossed in learning a new way to tie a shoelace and never saw Dusty snap this pic.

Q ready for foot surgery

All smiles and about to go under the knife.

I have pictures of the repaired foot, but you might be squeamish. Instead I refer you to this post of her other foot, repaired two years ago. You want to see, I know you do. She said the pin came out of her toe today (shudder).


However, you do get to see this picture of her babysitter.


Here are the cheerful R&R twins, nieces to Beth, Taylor’s fiance. The last (and first) time you saw them on this blog, they looked less cheerful. The headgear is to honor their grandpa, a.k.a Moose.


Here’s T getting a little practice with feeding a baby. Just between you and me, I think it was more like he was sitting there and someone handed him a baby and a bottle and said “smile!”

Sages trick

So if I had a Top Ten for 2012 pictures this would surely make the cut. I snagged it from another Erin post. Maybe it will entice you to go on over to that Macy blog and check out their 2012 in review.

photo 2

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service Number Two (out of three) was about to begin, and I was supposed to be headed toward the platform. But that would mean I’d have to hand Will back to his mama. Torn. I made the right choice, but thankfully Linsey snapped this pic first.


And then there was my time with the Carlson/Anderson +1 Ambrose family down in AZ and MX. Here’s a look (#1 and #2) if you missed it first time around.

But then it was time for Taylor and Beth to fly to Costa Rica and Ben to fly back to Michigan. They’re always patient with my need for some posed pictures. So here’s where I start cheering myself with thankgiving for the time we had together rather than wishing it could have been more. It usually works.


So grateful for my Carlson “kids”!


Cassidy took the white-hanky farewell to a higher level.


And finally, a lovely sunset shot next to one* of two of the famous Twin Rocks on Rockaway Beach, Oregon (*the one with a hole in it). Mauri’s enjoying some time away from his daily days to be part of the leadership team for Sabbath By the Sea.

Once again it’s my job to keep the dog alive in his absence. So far so good.

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1 Response to miscellany

  1. Julene says:

    Your work in compiling photos for the year gives me incentive to get back to work with our stash of pictures. The scroll through the year reveals a family that lives, plays and works together with joy!
    Here is to the New Year and what is ahead!! Happy New Year, sister!!
    ps….John and Sage picture is priceless! I can hear her saying, “Tadaa!”

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