from high, from low

panorama by Ben

Here I am with my Carlson “kids,” et al, in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. Ben took this panoramic shot of Las Palomos Rocky Point from his condo on the 9th floor. We couldn’t pass this opportunity to drive only four hours from Phoenix to this resort area in Mexico. Taylor and Beth are allowed only so many days on U.S. soil to maintain their expat status, so this was the perfect location for us to all be together for a few days. You can see that it is perfectly groomed, so much so that at first I thought this picture was an artist’s rendering.


I share a condo on the 11th floor with the Anderson family. My Quaker (Friends) connections give this decorative touch a personal hidden welcome.

on the beach by Ben

So we came to enjoy the beach…


…read a book…


…hang out together and get to know this lovely woman, known as “AAB” (Almost Aunt Beth)…


…enjoy a rare opportunity to sit and talk to this daughter (who’s recovering from foot surgery)…


…and the chance to catch up with this son…

sunset by Dusty

…and take in the beauty of our surroundings.

Yesterday, I spent nearly the entire day on the deck, looking down on the activity below.


My camera caught this (some of the fam hope to ride today).


Here’s a cluster of nine hammocks.


Zooming in, I can see Ben.


Zooming in more, I can see Ben listening to tunes on his phone. A good advertisement for my camera: A Nikon Coolpix S9100.


And now I’m down in the coffee shop on ground level.


Here’s my view of our complex.


Cass is back up on the 11th floor.


Even with my driving glasses, I couldn’t have recognized who was on the deck. Pretty cool, huh?

Well, I’d better get back upstairs and see what’s being planned for this good day.

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1 Response to from high, from low

  1. Joy says:

    Pretty cool zooming capabilities!!! I had to look up “expat,” and when I clicked on your link, it redirected me to the Wikipedia page…only it was in Spanish! Haha! Enjoy the rest and relaxation! Happy Holidays!

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