Our world is broken; people are broken. This didn’t start with the Connecticut school massacre. That only serves as a heartbreaking reminder.

I’m going to go ahead with my daily photo post but first thought I’d share this link to a piece of writing I found helpful.


This morning I enjoyed a coffee date with members of my Aunties group. Melva, front/center, is visiting from Pennsylvania, which was the reason for this particular regrouping. It’s nice that the others let the two of us keep calling ourselves “Auntie” (though Grannies would be more appropriate, since we are all….grannies now), even though we don’t meet for Bible study anymore.

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1 Response to 12-14-12

  1. Ridge says:

    I heartily agree! Our society is voyeristic to the extreme, Maybe some of the “allure” of commiting these atrocities would be elminated if the names of the perpetrators and every minute detal of their lives were not splashed all over national and international news. The story could be reported and then dropped completely with nary a mention of the perpetrator’s name.

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