shopping mecca


This isn’t just a Goodwill store; this is my Goodwill store. I’ve been waiting 18+ years for a corporate executive to figure out what a good market Newberg would be. It came as no surprise to me that folks actually camped out in the parking lot the night before the grand opening on October 7. If the powers that be over at the Goodwill headquarters had just asked for my marketing thoughts, they could have been raking in the dough all these years.


I might love the treasure hunt I face every time I walk through the auto-open doors and look for the signs that announce the half-price tag color. But I waited a full ten days to experience my new Goodwill. And it was everything I’d hoped.

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1 Response to shopping mecca

  1. Deborah Johansen says:

    I love you Sherry!!! I need to learn to appreciate Goodwill instead of Macy’s, jjill, Chico’s and Coldwater Creek. Take me shopping at Goodwill with you so the master can teach me!

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