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a big day

On the first day allowable for his age, Bailey, (grandson #1) did this: He passed a test and got his driver permit. Next, he accomplished this: He earned entrance into the National Honor Society. And today—today he turned 16, passed … Continue reading

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Mauri and I don’t hold to convention when it comes to meal planning. One of us usually asks the other: “So, what are we fixing for dinner?” “What’ve we got?” is often the response. We haven’t felt the need to … Continue reading

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shopping mecca

This isn’t just a Goodwill store; this is my Goodwill store. I’ve been waiting 18+ years for a corporate executive to figure out what a good market Newberg would be. It came as no surprise to me that folks actually … Continue reading

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lunch hour

It’s a quiet day here at the office. Since there’s no one around to cover my lunch hour, I thought I’d just kick back, eat the leftovers I brought this morning, and write something. I have occasional deep thoughts, but … Continue reading

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My normal life requires very little exertion, so I confess I resorted to my reserve energy tank to take care of Mauri once he came home from the hospital. But he progressed well, as you could see, and I was … Continue reading

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