he (finally) popped the question

At the Ambrose dinner table in Virginia, just before heading to the airport for Taylor and Beth’s flight back to Iraq, the family shared highs and lows of the day. Taylor’s turn came. His low was that they had to leave after a restful and eventful visit, and his high was, oh, Beth, will you marry me? I was on the opposite side of the country when this happened, so I’m embellishing the story they shared on Skype shortly after she said yes. I might have been a little too excited to listen carefully to every detail.


They look happy, huh? Well, so am I. Taylor knew on their first date a year ago that Beth was the one he’d been waiting a long time to come along.

Beth's ring

Not long after our Skype conversation, this showed up on Facebook. There’s nothing like social networking to get the word out. Blogs too, right?

“What are their plans?” you ask. They’re heading back to work, so nothing is set for a wedding. We were patient for the proposal so I s’pose we can be patient for the wedding. I’ll keep you posted.

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6 Responses to he (finally) popped the question

  1. Cheryle Takacs says:

    Congrats to both of them. She’s getting a very special man.

  2. Deborah Johansen says:

    Wooza!!! Whoo hooo!!! Yippeeee and Hooray!! This is WAY cool!

  3. Mona Steiner says:

    So happy to hear the news about Taylor. I remember when he was little—what a character! He gave you a run for your money. Now this wonderful gentleman has emerged. Best wishes to everyone.

  4. So excited! He did a wonderful job picking out a fantastic ring! You are thrilled and we are praying for safety as they head back to Iraq! They look adorable together and happy!

  5. Ridge says:

    Yay! Such good news. I KNOW it warms your heart big time! Her ring is great, reminds me of Jessi’s!

  6. Janet Strokosch says:

    Best news of the day! Congrats to the happy couple!!

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