this is why i fly southwest airlines

Every now and then with no particular regularity a box or two of baby-related items appears on our doorstep. We pull the loot inside and carry it upstairs to await my/our next trip to Arizona. The source of the baby supplies is a crisis pregnancy center in Washington. A woman who works there heard about Babies of Juarez and was happy to learn of a way all the expired product (diapers, formula, baby food) that is normally tossed could still be put to use. As “luck” would have it, one of the agency’s volunteers regularly drives through Newberg, and he willingly provides the first step of the process of getting needed supplies to Mexico.

Although the main two items Babies of Juarez collects and distributes are diapers and formula, the pregnancy center also sends beautifully and lovingly knitted baby blankets and cap/bootie/sweater sets, a sweet bonus to the “main” supplies.


I keep two rollable, expandable suitcases handy. Heading to Arizona to look after four Anderson grandkids while their parents celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary, I had no trouble at all filling both to the gills.


Lots of love and care goes into each one of those sweaters.


My travel system works like a charm. I fly Southwest, because they allow each traveler to check two 50-lb bags at no extra cost!

No room for my clothes! Well, isn’t that a shame? I’m “forced” to shop at Goodwill and have plenty of room for the return trip. Win/Win!



After I head home later today, Quinn will sort through all of this and add it to what could be considered either their small storage room or a large storage closet. Whatever, this is where donated supplies wait for the Andersons’ next house build down in the colonias outside Juarez. In fact, they’re heading down next month, so the stuff I brought will be part of that shipment.

Yesterday, out of the blue, Cassidy said to me, “I can’t wait to go back to Juarez in October!” It will be her fifth trip this year! I love that God has planted a desire to serve in her (and her family’s) heart. Hauling two suitcases of supplies from Oregon to Arizona is simply one small way I get to join in the love fest.

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