Go ahead, ask me how happy I am that my granddaughters are crafty. Yup. Very.

With triple digit temps on the outside, we needed something more than electronic entertainment on the inside. Lucky for us, Target had just the right shoes in just the right sizes for this project.


I’d seen it on this DIY site and thought the girls might be up for it. They look ready, don’t they?


First you cut out a zig zag pattern.


Then draw it on the shoes.


This step took considerable concentration and perseverance.


This was the fun part.


My job was to impart gentle words of encouragement re: creative artistic expression and perfectionism (as in, it doesn’t have to be).


But that was mostly so I would feel useful.


Next the laceup…and…


Ta da!


Smiles all around.

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4 Responses to diy

  1. Cheryle Takacs says:

    They are adorable…the girls AND the shoes.

  2. Ridge says:

    Fabulous….where’s your pair??!!

  3. Marcile says:

    I wanta be your granddaughter!

  4. Janet Strokosch says:

    Simply beautiful! All very talented ladies…they must take after their GUS!

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