telephone pictionary

We’re still enjoying family, which means I haven’t taken time to look through the many pictures I and others took of this week’s fun at the beach. So I thought I’d teach you a game that Erin taught us a couple of years ago. You should be prepared to gain several hours of life from all the laughter you and your friends/family will no doubt produce when you play. This has become a tradition because everyone plays, regardless of age of ability.

Everyone starts out with a pencil and seven sheets of paper. I cut gently used 8.5×11 sheets in fourths. Number them in one corner. We each think of a phrase. Could be a song title or just something made up. Write it on page one. Keeping it on the top, turn over the entire pack and slide it to the person on your right (or left). Now you have a new pack in front of you. Read the phrase on page one, move it to the back, and draw the phrase on page two. Keep your drawing on top and pass to your neighbor, who will interpret it. Continue this pattern (interpret/draw/interpret/draw…) until all the pages are used. Pass the whole pack to your neighbor. Now the real fun begins. Take turns reading and showing the results.

It’s important to state at the beginning that when we laugh at a drawing or interpretation, it isn’t making fun of the artist. The last thing you want is hurt feelings. It’s only for fun.

Here’s one we enjoyed quite a bit (that would be an understatement).








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  1. Rachel says:

    Still smiling about this one. Those bumble bees…

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