Friends Craig and Pam go way back to my life in Michigan. They’ve since moved to Arizona and, well, you know where I moved. But we’ve stayed in touch, more easily accomplished in recent years via Facebook and Craig’s blog.

Craig and Pam traditionally vacation up the Oregon Coast, tent camping in state parks. This summer they tried something different, since Craig spent considerable time and energy building a teardrop trailer.



Here are a couple of pictures I swiped from their Facebook.

They admitted it was close sleeping quarters, but from all reports they had a great time and considered the whole vacation a success.

When they got home, Pam got busy with her sewing machine.


…this one, which she says works best on heavier fabric.


And made this to protect the teardrop from the Arizona sun. She’s a wonder!


Not to minimize the accomplishment of Craig. But Pam’s creation is something I can identify with.


On a much smaller scale, that is.

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1 Response to teardrop

  1. pam macdonald says:

    Thanks for the props, Sherry!

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