family, nearly et al

We are up here in the beautiful Georgia mountains enjoying a family reunion of my siblings and our families. It isn’t a complete family reunion, as not everyone comes. But those here are absolute regulars at this event, no matter in what part of the country it is held.

Today we hiked up Amicalola Falls, choosing varying degrees of difficulty. We who are now the older generation have to take things a little slower and let the younger generations move on at their own pace.


On the way, we stopped off at this lovely shaded spot for our official family reunion shot. Cheryl bravely asked another hiker if she would mind taking a few pictures with a few cameras. Who’d’a thought we were asking someone who takes photos professionally? I’d say this is pert’near perfect.

Watch out. I feel another series coming on.

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2 Responses to family, nearly et al

  1. Carrie says:

    I love this picture! So great to see everyone together again! God is so good!

  2. Great family photo! I’m sure you are all having a wonderful time together!

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