i spy

Not to brag or anything, but look. This is what I spied with my little eye today.



From this gift shop. At Cape Foulweather. Named by Captain James Cook. Because…never mind, you figure it out.


And just a little way up the road, Devil’s Punchbowl.


I spy with my little eye—a squirrel. He might be playing the same game.


All that walking and gawking made lunch sound inviting. In Newport, the original Mo’s restaurant waited to serve us…


…clam chowder, of course. You might be thinking “us” is Mauri and me. That’s a reasonable assumption.


But us is Deborah and me.


We both like to people watch. The commentary is always kind. Almost always.


I spy with my little eye even more critters. Three seals. Can you find them?


Here’s just a little hint.

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1 Response to i spy

  1. Craig MacDonald says:

    Thank you! I see a day trip added to our itinerary for next month. Not too far from Honeyman to see this kind of scenery!

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