Administrative Assistant Professional Secretary Day, or whatever it’s called, comes around once a year. The only reason I know this is our boss, Elizabeth, pays attention and does something nice for Denise and me. This year we each got a card with nice things written about us by each of the pastors (at least my card had nice things) along with the promise of a manicure. Today was the day.



It isn’t exactly easy taking pictures when both of my hands are occupied.

It was heavenly and reminiscent of the other two manicures I’ve had in my life, each on a wedding day (1966 and 1994).

When we returned to the office it was lunch time, and my dear man was waiting to take me out. June 13 has been on our calendar ever since we learned of the reopening of Uprooted, that local food cart we love so much. I guess we haven’t kept it a very big secret, since three women in Mauri’s handbell choir chose to appreciate him with an end-of-the-season card containing nice words and $$ designated for our first visit to Uprooted.




Improvements! a lovely patio with landscaping for enjoyable dining (away from the highway traffic).


Best of all—the food! Like being reunited with a good friend.


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2 Responses to gifted

  1. Craig MacDonald says:

    I’ve eaten there! A good friend recommended it to me when I was passing through town and she was right. Excellent!

  2. LizW says:

    YAY! Sounds like a lovely day all the way around 🙂 (and what great women Mauri must hang out with in that handbell choir!!) 😉

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