asante children’s choir

In Swahili asante means thank you. The Asante Children’s Choir from Burundi gave a performance at our church this evening. Let’s just say there was enough energy in our sanctuary to light New York City for a full minute.


Before you critique my photography, consider what I just said about the amount of energy in the room. These guys were movin’!


One dance earlier that carpet was clean!


It’s always fun when we pack out the church. This shows one side of the balcony. Downstairs it was standing room only.


After the info/freewill-offering break, the dance choir became a singing choir. Their voices blended beautifully as they sang worship songs in English. I loved the dance, but I really loved the singing.





It was lovely to have a little taste of Africa come to our village.

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1 Response to asante children’s choir

  1. Penny Koffler says:

    I agree, Sherry! Hope and Joy and praise all wrapped up in these young folks who are sooooo talented and full of the love of the Lord. You can see him in their faces

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