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family, nearly et al

We are up here in the beautiful Georgia mountains enjoying a family reunion of my siblings and our families. It isn’t a complete family reunion, as not everyone comes. But those here are absolute regulars at this event, no matter … Continue reading

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Raising chickens is all the rage around these parts. Several of our acquaintances meet with varied levels of success in this regard. Some choose their breed based on the color egg they produce. Some feel betrayed when what they thought … Continue reading

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i don’t see this every day

I spend approximately 7.5 hours five days a week at my desk in the office of NFC. The large window to my left looks out over the parking lot. I’ve grown accustomed to the comings and goings of cars and … Continue reading

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incredible memory

Mauri read about the concert on Facebook, and since we didn’t have a rehearsal tonight we were free to go to Newberg Christian Church and check it out. We were glad to add two to the other 38 people in … Continue reading

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i spy

Not to brag or anything, but look. This is what I spied with my little eye today. From this gift shop. At Cape Foulweather. Named by Captain James Cook. Because‚Ķnever mind, you figure it out. And just a little way … Continue reading

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Administrative Assistant Professional Secretary Day, or whatever it’s called, comes around once a year. The only reason I know this is our boss, Elizabeth, pays attention and does something nice for Denise and me. This year we each got a … Continue reading

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lunch-hour outing

Mauri told me stories about his college-days adventures of driving school bus as we drove up the same mountain roads to visit a while with John and Erin and Sage, who have been house/horse sitting for two weeks. Yup, we … Continue reading

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This isn’t a post about me, but I need to first express my joy in living in one place long enough to watch children grow up. We were invited to four open houses for high school graduates who were babies … Continue reading

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asante children’s choir

In Swahili asante means thank you. The Asante Children’s Choir from Burundi gave a performance at our church this evening. Let’s just say there was enough energy in our sanctuary to light New York City for a full minute. Before … Continue reading

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the hard way

We don’t set out to do things the hard way. But sometimes it just works out that way. Here’s my sad story. This is what I saw when I sat in our living room a couple of months ago. A … Continue reading

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