ha ha ha ha ha ha

Every Sunday between our two morning worship services, folks are encouraged to gather for a 45-minute Community Time. The aroma of really good fair-wage coffee and the prospect of conversation with a friend or two lures many to the social hall. A whiz-bang decorating committee has done wonders in making what is basically a church basement into an appealing space. As part of my job I get to enlist artists and crafters from our church to display their creativity on the “art wall.” We’ve had photography, jewelry, purses, woodworking, pressed wildflower cards, collages, and even a collection of “Jesus art.” Currently on display: my fishbowl joke collection.

art wall-fish-2

art wall-fish-1

My photos don’t adequately represent the wall. It also has an alcove to display the more masterful pieces, fitting for, say, Rembrandt or Picasso.

Today I helped serve a memorial reception in the social hall and got to observe people reading my fishbowl jokes. That would have been a more-fun picture to share, but it didn’t seem a very appropriate time to be snapping flash pictures. I guess I’ll just have to remember.

My jokes go back as far as the 1970s! That’s how long I’ve had the warped sense of humor required to find these jokes funny. Maybe your humor is warped too. If you want to read my hilarious collection, here it is.

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1 Response to ha ha ha ha ha ha

  1. Craig MacDonald says:

    I like your collection!

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