outlandish hair

Today’s check-in question at team meeting was to think of one of our “outlandish hair phases” and draw a picture of how we looked. Thanks to his handy iPad, Gregg could show us an actual photo with his.


Yep. No ears.

So of course my blogger brain started dreaming of the fun I could have if others would provide a photo to match their drawing. Here’s what I collected (so far):


Michelle drew front and back and named her outlandish hair “duckbutt.”


Steve embellished his drawing and said most of his childhood and youth was spent with wings.


Mauri’s long hair was truly a phase.


My children would just barely claim me as their mother in my curly perm days.

I imagine you have stories to tell about your outlandish hair phases.

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1 Response to outlandish hair

  1. Craig MacDonald says:

    Never mind my bad hair years, I’m impressed with Mauri’s artistic abilities!

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