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ha ha ha ha ha ha

Every Sunday between our two morning worship services, folks are encouraged to gather for a 45-minute Community Time. The aroma of really good fair-wage coffee and the prospect of conversation with a friend or two lures many to the social … Continue reading

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after and before

Before we host overnight guests I usually check around the upstairs to make sure there aren’t any spider webs or box elder bug carcasses to embarrass me later. The last time I did that the thought struck me that I’ve … Continue reading

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it’s about much more than dirt

Lucky me! I got invited to be one of the first to read a new book by our friends Mark and Lisa McMinn. They have written several books individually, but Dirt and the Good Life is their first coauthored book. … Continue reading

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of course

Of course I had my camera handy as I sat on the bleachers to watch Bailey’s baseball game last night. And of course I remembered taking a favorite picture back in 2005 when we were in Colorado visiting the Andersons. … Continue reading

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Here’s why it’s so easy to look after the Andersons’ five children. This is what I found when I went to wake up Addison at 6:45 this morning. I believe she would make her bed regardless of her parents’ value … Continue reading

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Whenever we buy a new car, the word new needs to be in quotes. As in, “We just got a ‘new’ car!” Because we never really buy a NEW car. Until today. Today we bought a NEW car. There’s a … Continue reading

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outlandish hair

Today’s check-in question at team meeting was to think of one of our “outlandish hair phases” and draw a picture of how we looked. Thanks to his handy iPad, Gregg could show us an actual photo with his. Yep. No … Continue reading

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