walt and lisa

A year ago, I wrote several posts about our visit with my brother in Jacksonville, Florida—his fleet of cars, our many trips to Panera Bread because he doesn’t have Internet, the Shrimp Buster at Barnacle Bill’s in St. Augustine, and more. What I didn’t write about was the budding romance we gleefully watched from a distance via text message. Our dear friend Lisa and our dear friend Walt were enjoying their first date back home, and, based on the texts each sent me, they were equally smitten right from the get go. And today, today they got married!

And because I can, I get to share a little slideshow of the big event (no small thanks to my also dear friend Janne, who used my camera to snap the pics I’m in).


Here’s where we gathered. The Butteville Store. On this beautiful spring day, it was the perfect setting.


Lovely music a backdrop for conversation. That middle one’s our nephew Nate.


The cake cutting would come later, but the food was bountiful and delicious.


This is Walt’s daughter Miriam and granddaughter, Joy. You might want to take a minute to read her perspective on this day. It’s heartwarming and way cool.


After an hour of chit chat, it was time to get down to business.


Want to caption what he’s saying?


I had to choose this one so you could see that Little Anne came to the wedding. She’s our dog’s mama.




And two are now one. We wish them very happy! (a quote from Sense and Sensibility)



These two go back many, many years of music and friendship.


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3 Responses to walt and lisa

  1. LizW says:

    VERY COOL! What a joyous day 🙂

  2. Wow, woman! You are QUICK! So fun to see all these photos the same day!

  3. Gene and Betty Comfort says:

    We enjoy seeing the visual joy of this wedding!
    God bless!! We’re happy for them (and you sharing the fun pictures)
    G& B Comfort in AZ

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