take a picture…quick!

A year ago on the 18th, our family and friends gathered to honor the life of Mauri’s dad, Mahlon. For the service, the church staff sent us a plant to show their care. A plant…with leaves and roots and dirt.


There it is, on the front left.

And now I’m here to brag that I have managed to keep that plant alive an entire year.


Look! Impressive, huh? OK, so you probably have a green thumb and don’t think much of my accomplishment. But you can’t possibly know how pathetic I am about remembering to feed and water anything that isn’t human. And the even sadder fact is that I’ve passed this patheticness on to my daughter.


Here’s a plant that hung in this appropriately sunny place in her house in Michigan. Granted, she was a college student at the time, trying to keep body and soul together. She didn’t have much time to practice her horticultural skills. I took this picture then asked about its welfare. “It’s being punished for dribbling on the floor.”

So there you go. There isn’t much hope for either one of us—but with a mindset and a goal, miracles do happen. I kept a plant alive an entire year! Well, it will be a year in three days. I figured I’d better hurry up and take the picture before it develops blight or some such.

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5 Responses to take a picture…quick!

  1. pam macdonald says:

    I know that bay window!!! BTW, I have the same affliction. Love you and miss you!

  2. Janet Strokosch says:

    Nice to know I’m not alone!

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