party time

We get invited to our grandkids’ birthday parties in Philadelphia and Phoenix but the long drive usually prevents our attendance. That makes today a red-letter day for party participation! Sage turned one today and we got to say Yes to the party invitation because we live right across town from the birthday girl!


After being fed delicious Yumm! Bowls, we watched Sage open presents. She actually wasn’t all that interested in opening presents, not with all those people in the room.


She did sit still for the first measure of the Macy birthday song,


but quickly moved to the center of the room and rocked out all the way to the end. I was sure she’s been channeling Chubby Checker.


Oh, yes, we are party animals!

– – – – –


Just a few states to the south another grandkid celebrated a birthday today. Paul is seven! Happy birthday to you, big boy! Wish we could be in two places at the same time.

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1 Response to party time

  1. Ridge says:

    Nice hats! Let’s see, in the “olden days” they used to use bigger versions of these on kids who were put into corners and called….what was that term…..? 🙂 So glad you are close enough to some of the grands to celebrate in person!

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