introducing a new grandson

Please read this as though it were Monday. I’ve just been given the nod to broadcast!

While we enjoyed the beni/bennys of yesterday, our Linsey was laboring to bring forth her firstborn child. I’m sure the people around us at the concert thought we were compulsive about our phones, since we checked them every five minutes or so for updates on her progress. I guess they’d be right.

At around 7 p.m., William Merrick was delivered via C-section to Pete and Linsey.


This morning we were invited to head up to the hospital to meet the little guy. Pete handed him off to his pop for a closer look.


Naturally we were interested in his name. Linsey’s dad is a William, we knew that. And then there’s the other family connection; Margaret-Rose (Pete’s mom) was originally a Williams. But what about Merrick? Well, they just wanted a good name that had something to do with the beach (since they love the beach so much). So Linsey looked it up while we were there to be reminded of its exact meaning: “ruler of the sea” — and to discover its the Anglicization of a Welsh variant of Maurice. Our kids inadvertently named their son for both of his grandfathers!


Here’s the mama who worked so hard and still has to recover from surgical baby removal. She doesn’t seem to mind at all.


Grandkid number eight! Your crazy, mixed-up, Brady-Bunch Macy/Williams/Carlson/Anderson family welcomes you with open arms.

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7 Responses to introducing a new grandson

  1. Rachel says:

    Finally!!!! I’ve been antsy for more pics and an update on how everyone is doing. Will is darling! Next time you see Pete, Linsey, and Will, would you pass along a few heartfelt hugs from me?

  2. Ridge says:

    Precious, precious, precious! Blessings to all, what a lucky young fella!

  3. Paula says:

    Whew! Good work, Linsey. She did it the hardest way possible (labor AND C-section). Love the names and the meanings. So sweet.

  4. Marcile says:

    I have tears of thankfulness and joy, filling my throat. What a beautiful blessing.

  5. Jo Helsabeck says:

    Rejoicing with you! Thanks for the name info, Sherry; wonderful to learn that. The photos and comments, as always, are a treasure. Congratulations to you and to Pete and Linsey!

  6. Leane Chaffee says:

    Congratulations Pete & Linsey! When my last 2 came via C-sections a friend told me that every day gets a little bit better (when it comes to healing). It was some of the best advice and encouragement I received. Linsey, take it easy but enjoy every moment you can with dear little William Merrick. He’s darling!

  7. Janet Strokosch says:

    He’s beautiful! The last photo is especially cool and cozy…he’s one blessed baby!

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