water, water everywhere

Mauri’s been out at the coast this month as part of the leadership for Sabbath by the Sea. That leaves me at home, keeping the dog alive. She’s matured a lot and doesn’t get into mischief when I’m at work like she used to.

I live one block from where I work, which makes my world quite small. Though I hear and read about the awful weather we’re having here in the Pacific Northwest, I pitter patter back and forth in my one-block commute twice a day, oblivious to the weather woes of those around me. Today is my day off, so I decided I’d hop in my little red puddle jumper and take a drive in the country to see what I could see.





No games on this field today, unless you’re a duck fan.


And look who I found in Forest Grove! He had come from the other direction, heading home for half a day between retreats. And yes, we planned to meet. That would’a been some coincidence, huh?

After lunch, we went our separate ways, though headed to the same destination: home!


Where is my gentleman to lay his coat across the puddle?


Raindrops conceal the restaurant’s identity.


On the drive home I slowed to snap this driveway/lake. Do you suppose the owners own a boat?

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1 Response to water, water everywhere

  1. Marcile says:

    I love the pic of Mauri. What kind eyes he has.

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