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he came back

We’ve had hour-plus-long Skype conversations every night during the three weeks he’s been out at Sabbath by the Sea. Lengthy conversations are rare during our evenings at home, because so much of our daily life is done together, leaving very … Continue reading

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they grow up

One of the cool parts of living in the same town and attending the same church for more than 17 years is I get to watch kids grow up. In the short span between 2005 and 2011, when the children … Continue reading

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sewing cards

After several disastrous sessions of church directory photography, I knew something had to be done. It’s not like I could proclaim a do over. I won’t blame the whole debacle on my cameras—one a point-and-shoot Lumix, the other a hand-me-down … Continue reading

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photo macy

Our photographer “kids” John and Erin have been shooting our expectant “kids,” Pete and Linsey. Head on over to Photo Macy to see the whole batch.

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water, water everywhere

Mauri’s been out at the coast this month as part of the leadership for Sabbath by the Sea. That leaves me at home, keeping the dog alive. She’s matured a lot and doesn’t get into mischief when I’m at work … Continue reading

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showering “baby macy”

Almost exactly one year ago the women of our family gathered at The Feller House to shower “Little Macy” with love and gifts. That time Erin was the mama, and Little Macy turned out to be Sage. This year we … Continue reading

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cookin’ room update

A while back I hinted that we were getting ready to update part of our cookin’ room (a.k.a. kitchen). We are thrilled with the result. It started with me saying to Mauri that if we asked our friend Russ to … Continue reading

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