actions speak louder than words

I made a quick trip to Arizona after Christmas to enjoy a few days with the Anderson family. Yes, I was just there a month ago but the added draw was the presence of son Ben, there from Michigan for some sunshine and family. Not necessarily in that order, of course.

We heard quite a bit of commotion in the lower level of the house and then learned why. Cassidy had received as a Christmas gift several American Girl scripts for the play “Actions Speak Louder than Words.” She had recruited her siblings for the production; we were the willing and appreciative audience.




Everyone had a role, sometimes two!


Yes, Paul had his share of lines and didn’t mind too much playing the part of a girl. Might even have enjoyed it.




Take a bow.


Individual introductions.


And then back to the work at hand. Puzzles seemed to be the theme this year. There were the puzzles I made for Liv and Sam. And Rachel posted a picture of Oscar putting together the puzzles I made for him.


And Quinn sent me pics of her kiddos putting together the puzzle I made for them. It was hard (they told me), especially because their mom withheld the cheat sheet I sent along with it. Here’s what it looked like before I trimmed the edges and cut it into small pieces.


And the kids working on it:

Diggin' in

“diggin’ in”



They did finally finish it.

So with equal tenacity we all worked on the 550-piece puzzle begun before I arrived.




My family (and not only those pictured) is extremely patient with my photo requests. So here you can see we finished the puzzle. It might not be a major accomplishment, but we sure had fun working on it together.


Before I could blink, it seemed, it was time to take Ben to the airport. He gets the coveted white-hanky farewell reserved for visiting dignitaries.


Bye Ben; we sure do love you!


I stuck around another day and got to share in a pre-13 party for Marissa, whose actual day is next Monday. Between now and then the Andersons will drive to Disneyland and back. No grass grows under their feet.


Well, will you look at that! My departure warranted a white-hanky farewell too. A Gus could get spoiled by such queenly treatment.

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1 Response to actions speak louder than words

  1. Ridge says:

    So glad you got a chance to see him!

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