acoustic christmas

It has become an annual event at Newberg Friends. I knew Wendy Goodwin when she was Wendy Clark and attended NFC with her family. She played violin in one of the regular music groups. Now she’s married and the mother of a young daughter and has made music her way of life.

For the Christmas season she pulls together various musicians to offer free concerts in the Portland area. It was especially fun for me this year because I’m acquainted with more than half of the group…even related to one! Living in one place for more than 17 years offers that benefit.

I walked around some during the concert, trying to get a couple of decent pictures for the church newsletter. Lighting is a problem added to the simple fact that I’m still, after all these years, an amateur photographer. But here are a few pictures to give you a sense of the event.


Little is much! These nine musicians filled the room with elegant sounds. Aaron Pruitt was credited in the program with only the piano, but his tenor voice added delightful vocals to the mix.


Bethany Cibolski sings high ?s without raising her eyebrows.


This is Wendy. There was no chance of getting a “still” photo of her!


I’m particularly fond of this picture because it captures four of the five that I know. Nate Macy on the left is my nephew; Nolan Staples on bass attends NFC and regularly helps with worship leadership; Jacob Jolliff on mandolin is the son of our friends Bill and Brenda (Brenda, a nurse at Friendsview Retirement Community, helped us sing to Mom as we kept her final vigil); and I’ve already introduced Wendy.


The audience. You might see someone you know.


I might have saved the best for last. This is Wendy’s daughter, V.


Are you thinking what I’m thinking? This girl might have a future.

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