Visitors come to my office throughout the day, some with agendas, some just to say hi. Since most of my work is done at a desk and with a computer, I welcome any and all interruptions and gladly stop to chat with whoever shows up. For example, Bethany stopped by my office today, pulled up my one visitor chair, and spread cheer throughout the small room with her stories and bright smile. If I’d known I was going to post this, I’d’ve asked her to pose for a picture.

After all, I took a picture of yesterday morning’s visitors.


Taylor and his friends Chris and Beth showed up on my computer during an “alert,” which explains Taylor’s helmet, which he wore for effect to “scare” his mother, which didn’t exactly happen, since I’m not prone to worry. So we talked for 20 minutes until the loudspeaker announced the alert was over and they could move on with the rest of their evening.

And I also took a picture of today’s visitor (along with her mama).


This little girl is no longer content to sit in one spot now that she’s discovered the freedom her hands and knees provide. But Gum’s lap is a different matter.

So when should I expect you to drop by?

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  1. Ridge says:

    T’would that I could!

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