It’s been a social weekend, capped off today at a 30th birthday celebration for our niece Andra. We’d never been to Hipbone Studio in Portland, but a voice in Mauri’s smart phone took us right to the door.


The room looked like this. It was a cool and interesting place.


We sang and danced (if you call shifting from one foot to the other dancing) and played games (limbo, piñata) and even pulled off a surprise flash mob (Phil Collins “In the Air Tonight”) for the birthday girl.


What’s a birthday party without a birthday cake?


Here’s the whole family—Derin, Andra, and their son, K. (Sorry, I don’t have their permission to post his picture but he’s a little cutie. No surprise.)


Grandma doesn’t miss out on anything!


The parents to be…Pete and Linsey.


Yeah, we are regular party animals! Happy birthday, Andra.

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1 Response to par-tay

  1. LizW says:

    WOW… you really did have a social weekend. I hope you have some nice, quiet alone time coming up soon. Deep breaths… 🙂

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