I’m not sure what God was thinking when he picked out my characteristics. He put together an introvert who loves people. I fight with myself all the time.

The weekly newsletter I produce as part of my job at the church features an interview with an individual or couple or family one issue out of four. Yikes! That means every four weeks I have to call someone and invite myself to his or her home for an hour at a mutually workable time. That doesn’t sound very difficult but, trust me, I have to force myself to do it.


But then I get to meet people like the Morlands. Everyone has a story, and there I sat in their home, asking questions that led to learning way more than I could fit in the designated space. All fascinating. And I loved every minute of it. Why do I resist it so much?

The writing part is fun too. Thursday’s my day to pull together the pieces for Friday distribution. I needed some more pictures; it was dark the night of the interview. So I jumped in my car and drove back to the Morlands’ farm to shoot a couple.


With advance permission I opened the gate and entered the property. Welcome!


Good boy, good boy!


Making friends.


Tim came out to greet me and


share some hen fruit.

Here’s the interview.

page one

page two

You can see why I love my job. When I make myself do it.

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