we’re going back

Our flights are booked and we’re committed to another Thanksgiving in Juarez, Mexico! We discovered last year that “sacrificing” our family holiday to build a cozy home for a precious young family (who until then lived in their van) far surpassed anything we could have planned in the comfort of our own home. So it didn’t take much deciding to commit to return to build again. Of course we couldn’t make such a decision without also recognizing our need for financial supporters.

Last year God moved in the heart of one individual to cover the entire cost of the home—$8,300. All we needed, then, was to raise funds for a food outreach ($450) and more for equiping the home with beds, linens, dishes, etc. So far this year, no one has underwritten the full amount, but funds are already coming in.

Dusty and Quinn and their five kids just returned from leading a team of 46 from Arizona and Colorado to build two homes, staff a medical clinic, and offer two food outreaches to the good people who live in the colonias outside Juarez. It took two large trailers to haul all of the diapers, formula, and other supplies collected for “Babies of Juarez” over the past few months. We know now what keeps drawing the Andersons back to Juarez. What could be more fulfilling than being God’s hands and feet? But to make it possible for them to go so often, they need the backing of many who can be equally fulfilled through their financial gifts. It’s a partnership, and all parts of the partnership are needed to bring about the results!

Mauri and I will cover all of our travel and housing expenses but would love to have you partner with us to provide a home for another deserving family. Our team will be small again, the same as last year, only this time baby Sage will be carried externally rather than internally! She has her passport and is ready to go!

We feel confident God will provide the funding, despite our small number (and all from the same family!) If he nudges you, maybe you’d like to join us in providing a home for a family in Mexico.

Here are several sources for information:
1) a 15-minute video of a team led by the Andersons

2) a site specially developed for fund-raising for the Juarez “builds.” You can watch our progress! And if you want to help us financially, click on the “giving options” tab. I am administrator of this site, so I assure you it is all on the up and up. Gifts are all tax deductible. Designate “Thanksgiving Build.”

3) “Walk the Talk”—portions of a radio interview with Quinn about the work

4) Babies of Juarez, how the whole thing got started
(click on “updates” to read/see what’s been happening since then)

If you’d rather just send a check, post a comment and I’ll respond with the details.

Today in team meeting Eric used an experience he had at Tilikum to illustrate sharing. When one camper left home without his lunch, Eric would tell the others about the need and the lunchless camper would end up with more food than he could eat. And no one went hungry. It’s a simple concept but I’ve been thinking about it all day.

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