And this is why I have never been and never will become a public speaker.


Today, as part of my Medicare wellness exam, I was asked by the doctor to name as many animals as I could in one minute. OK, go. Dog, cat, gerbil, hamster, um, snake, think zoo elephant, giraffe, lion, um, hippo, alligator, um, is the minute up yet? Um.

Did I think to think of farm animals? Horse, cow, pig, chicken, alpaca, sheep, goat? Did I remember we’ve just spent time in Alaska? Moose, elk, bear? Animals in other countries? Kangaroo, koala? Maybe the alphabet…aardvark, baboon, cheetah, dolphin? Nope. I just shut down and waited for the clock to run out.

So today I’m thankful Providence can’t deny me health insurance on account of brain freeze.

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3 Responses to pitiful

  1. Leane says:

    LOL II You may not be a public speaker, but you certainly are a public writer. We Love You!

  2. Ridge says:

    It’s not your brain….it’s the “being put on the spot” that we (ladies in particular) react to….kind of like…”don’t think about elephants”………you can see him clearly, can’t you! Big ears…big trunk….. 🙂

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