Here’s how it happened.

GW coming to Newberg!

Mauri sent me this story from our local paper, announcing this exciting news.

I forwarded it to Quinn, with whom I share all good Goodwill news. (Her dad’s story about her being switched at birth plays out in the fact she has no interest in shopping at Goodwill.)

She wrote back: “Cassidy’s teacher clothes her entire family at Goodwill and told me the Phoenix stores have lots of books in Spanish.”

Juarez November 2010 134

Visions of the libraries operated by Missions Ministries in the colonias outside Juarez dance through her head. (I took this pic when we visited a library there last Thanksgiving.)

I wrote back: “Give me a shout when you’re heading out!”

She replied: “It’s mean to tease me like that.”

“Who says I’m teasing?”

“Okay, then, these two weeks look fairly open … .”

That night, after describing this e-mail conversation to Mauri and receiving his always-supportive thumbs up, I booked flights.


So here I am in Arizona—again—enjoying a little bit of life with the Anderson family, and also doing what I came to do!

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