happy ending

Two and a half weeks ago I posted a little story about Uncle Francis, the 97-year-old who was about to tour with the Salem Singers in Pennsylvania. Over the weekend, while on that tour, he died! Here’s what Mom Edna wrote in e-mail earlier today: “Francis had had a wonderful time with another nephew and wife back there, touring the Amish country, when he felt tired, laid down, and breathed his last!”

So instead of planning a 100th birthday party in a few years, his kids will plan a memorial service. I won’t presume to lighten the shock and the loss, but I’m imagining they think their dad left this earth exactly as he would have chosen.


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  1. Leane Chaffee says:

    Sherry, I just found your article. It’s past midnight here so I’ve emailed all of our family here in Boise and Cheney. I’ve also included Kathy Burke in case she didn’t happen to hear yet. I’m sure he wouldn’t have chosen any better way to met Jesus. Leane

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